Second Pregnancy Checklist – 31 Items You Can Reuse Or Buy Again

by Harriet Fairbairn
Second pregnancy checklist

Horray you’re pregnant! Congratulations on your journey to becoming a mom for the second time.

I am very close to having my second baby and have been looking up what I will need for her arrival.

I have struggled in the past with getting pregnant so there is going to be quite an age gap between my children as my firstborn is 9!

However, when writing this I have taken into account that most people will have a closer age gap and will possibly have kept items for when they need them the second time around.

I decided to make a second pregnancy checklist of items to see what we will need the second time around and what you can save money on.

We all know that having a baby can be a very expensive time so any reason or way to save money is a good thing to me!

First things first, I wanted to touch on the things you should consider before your second baby arrives!

Tips On Preparing Your Firstborn For Your Second Child

Parent preparing for birth of second child

Get A Babysitter

You need to arrange someone who is going to be reliable anytime day or night for when you go into labor as you won’t be taking firstborn with you. (Could you imagine!)

Make sure your child is familiar with that person and happy to go with them as it may be a stressful time for them to be away from you.

Depending on your lifestyle and routines it may be worth writing a list of what to do with your child, what they like to eat or have in their lunchbox, and where to find anything in your house for them if needed.

This reduces stress for you and everyone involved!

Prepare Your Child For What’s To Come

This would obviously depend on your firstborn’s age as if they are a toddler it may be harder to explain.

However, it is worth having regular discussions with your child about what’s to come.

My son being 9 understands that there’s going to be a big change but I have been explaining to him that I may be in hospital for a while and I’m not able to do certain things with my bump (like have a piggyback or jump on top of me!)

If you have a younger child maybe talk to them about your bump or show them some baby clothes and explain they’re for the baby that’s coming soon.

Spend Time With Your Firstborn

Spend Time With Your Firstborn

I’m at a point in my pregnancy where I feel I’m running out of time!

I feel like I haven’t done enough to prepare and my pregnancy has flown by.

I’m pretty sure anyone who is pregnant the second time around can feel the same as you’re more preoccupied this time around.

You may feel like you want to do something special with your firstborn before the baby comes, this may be more for your own peace of mind over your child’s as I don’t think they are aware of how things will change.

I have been thinking of fun things I can do with my son before the baby arrives and realized he doesn’t want to do anything expensive or over the top, just me playing on his Xbox with him would make his day so that’s the plan!

You can do the same, regardless of age!

Just taking that extra time to play and not be preoccupied with the household chores will be a great benefit for them and will help them not feel too left out with all the baby talk!

Pack A Bag

This may not be necessary depending on your plan but packing a bag for your eldest may be a good way for them to take some home comforts with them when they have to go to the babysitters.

Spare clothes, books, toys, and teddies can help your child feel more relaxed with the change in routine.

So now we’ve spoken about the older sibling let’s have a look at what you need for your second born!

This second pregnancy checklist is just a guide for you so don’t feel under pressure to buy new things or feel like you have to get these.

This is your second time around, you’ve got more of an idea of what to expect so don’t be hard on yourself if you’re reusing or just not using at all!

Second Pregnancy Checklist Items You Can Use Again

Woman holding her second baby checklist


As you may be aware the pushchair/ stroller can be one of the most expensive items to buy for your baby.

We probably could have bought a cheap car for the price of my son’s pushchair!

So if you held onto your firstborn’s pushchair then it’ll save you a small fortune reusing the pushchair.

This once again can depend on what age your firstborn is when you’ve had the baby as you may need to buy a double stroller.

However, there are alternatives such as buying a buggy board, where your child can ride on the pushchair and they will probably find it a lot of fun!

Infant Car Seat

An infant car seat is a must with a newborn as they’re not able to support themselves and are designed for the safety of a newborn baby.

I’m pretty sure if you’re pregnant for the second time you’re firstborn isn’t going to be in an infant car seat by the time baby comes.

Keeping the firstborn car seat, however, is a great way to save money!

You can give it a clean and even replace the car seat padded liner if you wanted to freshen it up for your new arrival.


A highchair is another item to keep hold of as they can be quite expensive.

If you kept your highchair then you can give it a good clean and it’ll be good as new or alternatively looking on buying and selling sites will give you the opportunity to pick up a bargain!

If your child is still using their highchair then you’ll have a few months to start introducing them to sitting in a ‘big’ chair at mealtimes.

Diaper Bag

The diaper bag is a part of the second pregnancy checklist

You may still be using your diaper bag and decide to carry on using it for both children.

That’s a great way to reduce the number of things you have to carry when you’ve got two children to run around after.

You may want to give it a good clear-out and a clean before little one’s arrival so you can divide and prioritize what you need in there for both children.

If you didn’t want to use the same bag for both children, why not buy your firstborn a lovely new backpack of their favorite cartoon character?

They will love being ‘treated’ and won’t feel as if the baby is getting all the attention.

Crib/ Toddler Bed

Keeping things such as a crib or toddler bed can really help with keeping the budget down as we all know children can be expensive!

So even if you’re newborn isn’t going to use it right away it may be a good idea to keep them in storage until the baby is big enough to use them.

Baby clothes

When I had my son I wanted everything new for him and soon realized that’s ridiculous when it comes to babies and toddlers.

They don’t even use their things for very long as they’re constantly growing!

So this time around I’ve not even bought any new clothes for her as I’ve had a lot of lovely people donate their old baby clothes.

They are all in good condition and barely been used!

As there’s a 9 year age gap (did I mention that?) I didn’t keep my son’s clothes for when I have another baby but I’m sure if you’re going to have children close in age you’ve probably kept some lovely outfits in storage!

This is a lovely idea as the baby will be wearing their sibling’s outfits and you can feel some nostalgia in the process.

Just remember to give them a good clean when they come out of storage to stop baby smelling musty!

Baby Bouncer

Baby bouncers are really handy to have as the baby can sit up slightly to have a look at their new and exciting world.

They can see what you’re doing and come with great activity toy bars for the baby to play with when they get a little older.

They range in price and can easily be replaced if you wanted new for the baby but they’re also easily cleaned and can be like new if you want to reuse.

Baby Toys

Baby toys kept from first pregnancy

Baby toys are great to keep to be reused again.

Once again babies grow out of them quickly and won’t use them for very long.

You can do your bit towards helping the environment by reusing and not buying more unnecessary plastic.

After working in a nursery for a few years I noticed a lot of the children LOVED being read to so keep hold of all the baby and children’s books as it’s never too early to start reading to them.

Activity Mat

Activity mats are a great way for babies to have tummy time, they’re good for sensory play and they have a safe place to play on the floor.

They give your baby a chance to be more independent and can encourage them to start moving and exploring!

A lot of them can easily be cleaned and stored away for when your second child comes along.


I’ve put blankets on this list as they can be used over again and again!

I recently packed my hospital bag and wanted to use one of my son’s old blankets for the baby, however, he wasn’t too keen on the idea….bearing in mind he’s not used his baby blanket for a long time now I respect that it’s his and he wants to keep it that way!

You may find that people will buy the baby new blankets also so keep that in mind, I always find baby blankets a beautiful gift as children can get attached to their blankets and there are so many beautiful ones out there right now.

Baby Monitor

Your baby monitor is defiantly something that you should consider reusing, you’re going to need it and they can be expensive depending on what you go for.

If you invested in a good one in the past then it should still do the job a second time around!


Sterilizer for second baby

I’m a bit unsure on whether people would use a sterilizer twice, however, there’s no reason not to as you can thoroughly clean it and it will work perfectly.

You can get descaler or look online for different ways you can thoroughly clean your sterilizer.

I have also thought that a lot of people may not want to reuse their sterilizer so have a hunt around online and see what’s on offer!

Diaper Bin

I know a diaper bin isn’t essential, especially when you have easy access to throwing the nappies away outside.

I thought I would add it as I live in a first-floor flat and know I won’t be able to make multiple trips to the bin every time I change a nappy!

So that’s when a diaper bin comes in handy. If you’ve had one before and stored it away then you’ll be thankful you kept it to save you running in and out all day.

Baby Towels

Baby towels are great so the baby doesn’t get lost in your giant bath towels!

You can defiantly reuse a towel over and over, just remember when getting it out of storage (if you are) to give it a little wash before using!

Changing Mat

Another item that can be wiped clean and kept away for another time.

They are defiantly cheap to buy and replace so don’t feel like everything you own needs to be stored for the next pregnancy but also don’t feel like you can’t keep and use it again!

Second Pregnancy Checklist Items To Consider Buying New

Buying new pacifers for second born baby

Dummies/ Pacifiers

This is debatable on whether you actually want to use a dummy (no judgment here!)

I used one with my son but unsure on whether I’m going to with my daughter….time will tell!

But these are something that you’ll want to buy brand new.

Dummies can get chewed and broken and are cheap enough to replace.


I would buy new bottles and teats as everything needs to be sterilized for the baby.

They aren’t that expensive and buying new ones will be best for the baby when it comes to feeding and bottles.

Bottle Brushes

Bottle brushes need to be changed around every 6 months, they can’t be properly sanitized so it’s best to replace them!

They are really cheap to buy and are really good for giving the bottles and teats a really good clean.

Breast Pump

Picture of breast pump

Getting a new breast pump is a must!

They aren’t specifically designed for multiple uses and having a new one ensures there’s no chance of infection or cross-contamination.

Have a hunt around for the best prices and always check the reviews of what other mums have said about the product.

Crib Mattress

Getting a new mattress for the crib is a personal choice but make sure that the mattress is safe and in good condition before using it again.

I put it on the list of things to buy new because baby mattresses are different from normal ones and can become misshapen and soft which isn’t always the safest option.

They vary in price but it’s best to have a look around and invest in a good one as baby safety is key when it comes to sleeping.


Once again this is something that you can reuse from your firstborn if you have kept hold of them but I also think it’s nice for the baby to have some new bedsheets.

The best kind for baby is cotton as they are soft and breathable and you want to aim for getting at least 2-3 so you can change them and wash whenever needed.

Teething Toys

Like dummies, it’s probably best not to reuse teething toys as they are made to be in babies’ mouths.

They will get chewed and even when cleaned won’t be very appealing!

Getting new ones will be the best idea for when your baby is ready to use them.

There’s a lot of cool ones on the market at the moment so have some fun picking them out.

Baby Bath

baby bath is on the second pregnancy checklist

A baby bath is great as you can wash the baby in any room and the baby won’t be in a massive bathtub which can feel a little scary for the baby.

They are cheap and easy to use although they can be quite bulky so consider where to store before you buy!

However, if you are limited on space and can splash out for a more expensive one, I have seen collapsible baby baths online which is a great idea for storing out of the way!


Reusing bibs can be a bit gross as they are mostly used for eating and get stained easily, I would recommend getting some new ones for the baby.

You may also use them for when baby starts teething as a lot of dribble can happen and it’ll save you having to keep changing the babies clothes.

Essentials Checklist Items For Your Newborn

Newborn Essentials

Newborn Diapers

This is a dead obvious item to get before your baby arrives!

I just wanted to add the essentials to refresh your memory, especially if it’s been a while since you’ve had a newborn (like me)

Make sure you get the correct sizes and buy in bulk to save you having to drag two children around the shops in desperate need of a few nappies!


Make sure to stock up on wipes also as you don’t want to be caught at the wrong time without them!

Nappy Rash Cream

Nappy rash cream is essential as babies can get very sore from nappies sometimes.

It must be very uncomfortable to be sore in a nappy so make sure you have cream stocked up to help your baby if needed.

Baby Wash

Baby wash newborn essentials

There are lots of different baby wash products out there, I was always a bit nervous using any kind of soap on my son as he’s got eczema but eventually found products that work for him.

Babies’ skin can be quite sensitive so make sure you stop using a product if your baby doesn’t react well to it.


Sponges a nice touch to bath time, you can buy gentle ones to use on baby as not to irritate their skin, I’ve stocked up on a couple to keep me going when the baby gets here, the less you need to go to the shops the better!

Swaddle Blanket

Swaddle blankets are very popular at the moment and there are so many available online right now.

I’ve just invested in a cute rainbow one for my baby and I love it.

Swaddling helps the baby to feel safe, almost like they’re still in the womb so they are a great benefit for helping baby to sleep on their own.

It will help especially if you have another little one running around.

Don’t forget that it’s ok to give your baby a good cuddle though and enjoy it whilst they’re tiny and snuggly.


Muslin squares are so handy for anything baby-related.

You’ll wonder what you did before they came into your life!

They can be used for multiple things such as wiping up any baby sick, a light cover when breastfeeding and some children like to cuddle them when they go to sleep (usually when they are a bit older than newborn)

second pregnancy

So there you have my list to help you along with your second pregnancy!

Going through it myself right now I understand the stresses, worries, and excitement that come with welcoming a new family member into the world.

I have worries about whether my son will like being a big brother and hoping he won’t feel left out when the baby arrives!

I believe this is all a natural feeling when expecting another child so you’re not alone if you feel the same.

I hope this list helps take some of the stress away and you’ve found something on the list to help you get the items you need for when the baby arrives.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this and good luck with your pregnancy and your journey as a mother of two!

Thanks for taking the time to read this second pregnancy checklist, and good luck!

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