Hospital Bag Checklist For Dad (Printable Included)

by Harriet Fairbairn
Dad hospital bag

I’ve recently written an article about packing your hospital bag for Mum and baby.

But we shouldn’t forget another important person which is Dad!

I feel that sometimes Dads can get a little overlooked which isn’t fair as they are an important part of your stay in hospital also.

Sometimes when we’re pregnant and have all these hormones and emotions going on we can easily get sucked into thinking about ourselves (we have every right since we are growing a person inside of us of course!)

We also know that chances are Dad isn’t going to stay overnight at the hospital with us, however, it might be worth packing a spare bag for Dad as you never know how long you’ll be at the hospital, and having extra supplies can help keep everyone in a more positive mindset.

Why Pack A Dad Hospital Bag?

Packing dad hospital bag

Dad’s have an important role as your birthing partner and may feel a little pressure having to do this, they may feel like they are ‘useless’ at some points.

However, coming to the hospital prepared can benefit both of you as Dad can feel like he’s more involved, can bring some items to help you during labor and he also has his own items to keep him going.

I’ve made this list for Dad’s hospital bag as it gives a rough idea of what you need.

You don’t even have to take anything, and you defiantly don’t have to pack everything but the kitchen sink, it’s just an idea and can help you with deciding what to take if you want.

I know when I had my son I didn’t pack anything for Dad and we got on fine but we were also in the hospital for a reasonably short amount of time so it’s best to think about all aspects of what can happen.

What Type Of Bag Do You Need?

Remember to pack in an appropriate set of bags as you won’t be able to lift a lot after labor and you don’t want to look like you’re moving in!

Some people like to use a holdall or a small suitcase and others like to use a backpack and the baby’s diaper bag.

There are no rules, just be mindful of the amount you’re taking.

Things can always be picked up if needed or if you run out and Dad will most likely be going home sooner than you so you don’t need to pack as much!

Let’s take a look at the checklist of what you can pack in Dad’s hospital bag.

Dad’s Hospital Bag Checklist

Dad's Hospital Bag Checklist

Change Of Clothes

Having a change of clothes packed can be a good idea as you can’t be sure when you’re going to go into labor.

Dad could literally be at work and have to rush to the hospital and I’m sure it wouldn’t feel great meeting baby in uncomfortable clothes.

You don’t have to pack multiple changes of clothes as Dad will be able to leave and go home when able, just some comfortable clothes to get through the day will do.

Also, it might be handy packing spare underwear and swimwear if you’re planning to use a birthing pool.

Comfortable Shoes

Along with comfortable clothes, comfy shoes are a must-have.

You want shoes that are easy to take on and off just in case, easy to walk in, and are practical for a hospital environment.

It might be worth packing some flip-flops for easier access and if using the shower it’ll be easier than slipping wet feet into a pair of trainers!

Reusable Water Bottle

This is an important one as I believe everyone is at their best when they’re hydrated!

Dad may not want to leave the room at any point so it’s handy to have a reusable water bottle to hand so he can be top of his game!

Travel Pillow

Travel pillow for dads hospital bag

Labor can be any length of time and the chairs provided in the hospital are hardly luxury.

So packing a little travel pillow can prevent Dad from getting too uncomfortable and if needed it’ll make it easier for him to have a power nap!

A travel pillow is a better option as it prevents you from bringing in too many bulky items and can be easier to carry out when the time comes.

Phone Charger

I mentioned in my last article how important it is to remember your phone and charger.

There will be nothing worse than having to go the whole day with no battery, you want to be able to keep people updated on what’s going on with the labor and it may provide a little entertainment throughout the day.

You may also use it to get those first photos of the baby!

Ipad/ Laptop

My partner and I probably wouldn’t travel anywhere without taking our laptop or iPad, you can do multiple things to keep you occupied and could even try popping on a movie whilst in early labor to take your mind off things and make you feel more relaxed.

Just remember to turn it off when the time comes so no ones distracted!

List Of People To Contact

This is just a little list of who to keep updated on what’s happening with Mum and babe, it might be pretty obvious who to contact but it is such a crazy day your mind may not be thinking straight and you want to keep a little list just in case.

Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

Remember to pack contact lens and contact lens solution for the day as you it’s important to be prepared for any situation.

You may want to pack a pair of glasses also in case Dad’s eyes get too tired and he needs to take the lenses out.

Favorite Snacks

If you’re in labor there’s a chance you won’t have much of an appetite but it might be a different story for Dad and we might not be able to leave you to get something to snack on.

Pack a few items such as protein bars and trail mix to give Dad a little boost when needed.

Even if no one feels like eating it’s important to keep your energy up especially when in an overwhelming, busy situation.

Credit Card/ Loose Change

This may be something you don’t particularly think of when going to spend a day in hospital but you need to think about paying for the car park.

Also depending on what kind of hospital you’re at they may have use of a canteen or a vending machine whilst you’re there.

Own Toiletries

Dad may not even need to use toiletries whilst at the hospital but it can’t do any harm by being prepared.

Dad may be able to take a shower or freshen up if needed.

If using a birthing pool, he may also get into it and need to have a wash afterward.

Toiletries to consider are:

  • Hair brush
  • Dry Shampoo
  • Deodorant
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Face wipes
  • Face wash
  • Lip balm

Bath Towel

Bath towel for dads hospital bag

As Dad may need to have a shower at some point it is a good idea to take a decent towel with you, they will provide towels at the hospital but most of the time they’re tiny hand towels and won’t provide much to dry with.

Taking a towel from home can help Dad feel more at home and relaxed which is important if you have both been up for a long amount of time.

Portable Speaker

Taking a portable speaker with you gives you the opportunity to listen to your own music throughout the day.

You might want to listen to some meditation or classical music to keep you calm or you may want to make an ultimate playlist of songs to give birth to.

Either way, you get to choose what kind of music you play and it can make the time much more enjoyable and makes you feel at home.

Just make sure you both agree on what kind of music you’re going for.

Good Book

As Dad won’t be able to do a great deal in the beginning it may be a good idea to take a good book to have a read.

Obviously, Dad’s there to help you with your labor and not there to sit around with a travel pillow and a book but when things are going slow to start with it can help Dad to relax and kill some time waiting for your baby’s grand entrance.

Digital Camera

This may seem like an ‘outdated’ item to put on the list but taking a digital camera can help you to document your day….obviously you may not want to document EVERYTHING but you can get some great pictures using a digital camera and by having them on there you’re more likely to transfer them to a computer and print them afterward.

Massage Aids

Massage oil for hospital bag

Giving mum a massage during labor can help greatly by helping to reduce pain and helping mum to feel more relaxed.

Dad can think about packing some essential oils to use during a massage or even getting some massage ‘tools’ to use such as a roller to help mum feel as relaxed as she can.

Car Seat

I’ve added this to the list as this is an important one.

You need to have a car seat with you to take the baby home.

To help you remember, put the seat in the car a week or two before the due date so you know it’s there and no chance of forgetting.

Dad’s Hospital Bag Checklist Conclusion

This is a great bag to pack in case you have long labor and you want everyone to be on top form.

Like I have stated you don’t even have to pack a bag for Dad but it can be a great benefit to everyone.

Everyone’s comfort is key during that crazy day and you want everyone in the best mood possible.

Even though it’s a scary time, taking home comforts, entertainment, and being in it together can make everything run smoothly.

I hope you have taken something from the list that is of use to you and your partner, bringing a baby into the world is one of the most rewarding and terrifying things you can do.

Also I’ve created a simple printable checklist for you that you can download below.

Click Here To Download Printable Hospital Bag Checklist For Dad

Thank you for taking the time to read my post and good luck on your next adventure.

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