23 Fun Activities For Pregnant Couples That You Will LOVE To Do

by Harriet Fairbairn
pregnant couples

Fun activities for pregnant couples can be a fantastic way to spend time with your loved one before you welcome that gorgeous baby into the world!

As you may be aware pregnancy can have its ups and downs and it’s important to keep in good mental health during those 9 months.

We can struggle a lot with all the different hormones we are experiencing and it can sometimes lead to disagreements and confrontation with our partner.

Arguing with your partner is never fun at the best of times but can sometimes seem worse when you’re pregnant as you can be extra sensitive and your partner may not be able to understand why?!

I believe we should embrace our pregnancies as much as we can and try to enjoy it whilst it lasts because your life will change once more when the baby arrives.

Take the opportunity to enjoy your last months together as a couple and take some time to spend some quality time together.

Why Is It Important To Do Fun Activities For Pregnant Couples?

Happy pregnant couple

Mental health can be overlooked at times and you can easily get caught up in your own emotions and may not notice your partner may need a little help also.

We, being the pregnant ones do have a lot more going on and can take it out on the person we are closest to at times so taking time to spend quality time together, having fun, and appreciating one another can reduce any upset or negative feelings during your pregnancy.

It’s obviously not all doom and gloom and if you’re one of the lucky ones you may not even experience turning into a mean, crazy woman! (I have noticed a change in myself during my pregnancy and need to rein it in sometimes!)

Sometimes we can live with a person and not actually spend good quality time together, so going out and doing ‘something’ can really bring you closer together and keep your relationship alive!

I’ve been looking up ways in which couples can spend some quality time together during their last months of freedom.

Try to relax and have fun and don’t let pregnancy take over your lives.

Enjoy each other and be spontaneous while you still can.

23 Fun Activities For Pregnant Couples

Pregnant couple doing a Fun activity

1. Enjoy A Night Away

Staycations are becoming more and more popular and can be a fun thing to do without traveling for hours and spending lots of money.

You could stay in a hotel for the night and enjoy the crisp, fresh bedding or go to a cozy B&B.

Getting away from normality can be just what you need before the baby arrives.

When you’re at home you can easily become distracted with the housework or jobs that need doing so getting away takes all the ‘house chores’ and everyday life out of the mix.

2. Visit An Arcade

This is something my partner and I used to do quite a lot when we first got together, we also like to take our son whenever we can.

Going to the arcade can be so much fun and you don’t have to spend a fortune to do it…think coin pusher machines and Mario Cart!

Going to the arcade can provide good entertainment, you can have a go at winning some prizes and you can have a laugh in the process!

3. Mini Golf

If there’s some nice weather during your pregnancy a round of crazy mini golf can be great fun.

It’s not too physical and you can bring out your competitive side!

Have a look online at some different and exciting mini-golf courses there are near you as they can be more adventurous than the standard ones that were around when I was younger.

4. Take A Hike

Hiking whilst pregnant is a fun activity  for couples

This one is all depending on what trimester you’re in and how you’re feeling but exercise is still important when pregnant and can have lots of benefits.

Going for a walk can be really enjoyable and be creative and visit somewhere you’ve always wanted to go or a favorite place you went to as a child.

There are lots of different walks you can go on whether you live in the countryside, by the beach or the city!

Getting out together as a couple can help you bond, have a catch up and can be fun.

5. Go To See A Live Show

This is something I haven’t done enough in my life but when I have gone I’ve loved it!

There are loads of different things you can go to see such as a musical, play or a comedy show.

They can be so much fun and you won’t regret it.

Take a mini-break away somewhere, enjoy a meal and catch a show!

6. Have A Game Night

Playing board games in my family can either be the most fun thing ever or end in total disaster…..partly because everyone in my house is so competitive and can’t handle losing!

However, if you’re not like that, a game night can be a great activity to enjoy and can be even more fun if you’re sober.

Game night can be enjoyed by you and your partner or get some friends involved to enjoy with you.

Either way, it can be a laugh and help you to let your hair down.

7. Paddleboard

Paddleboarding is something I’ve only tried once and not something I would have chosen to have done but on a trip to Cornwall, my son begged me to have a go with him.

I absolutely loved it!

I’ve been dying to go do it again but haven’t had the opportunity to….even though I live right by the sea!

It may seem like a weird thing to put on the list of fun activities for pregnant couples but you can actually paddleboard when pregnant.

It’s not overly physical and you can take in the beautiful scenery it’s very relaxing and enjoyable.

Just like anything physical you need to be careful when doing so and double-check with a medical professional before taking part.

8. Take A Trip To A Museum

Pregnant couple doing the fun activity of visiting a museum

As I’m getting older I appreciate a museum trip more and more.

Depending on where in the world you are there is always going to be some kind of museum, botanical garden, or monument for you to go check out.

Sometimes you can live all your life in your home town and not actually go to see the sights and think about the history of the area.

Take a day to go and explore and learn something new!

It can be so much fun and if you don’t enjoy it, you can always go and enjoy a slice of cake in the cafe!

9. Do A Walking Tour

Once my partner and I took a trip to London and decided to google fun things to do for free and came across a walking graffiti tour of East London.

It was without a doubt one of the most fun days out we’ve had.

We were able to follow written instructions on where to walk and we found so many hidden wonders around London, including a secret garden that was covered in fantastic art and interesting statues.

We had a great time and we could go at our own pace and stop and start when we wanted.

I’m sure wherever you are there will be different walking tours for you to check out!

If you wanted something a bit more structured you can visit somewhere that actually has a tour guide to take you around, they can provide you with lots of interesting information and can be just as fun as a solo one.

10. Couples Massage

This isn’t something I’ve actually tried before but know it would be so much fun.

Who doesn’t love a massage?

You can plan to do this at a spa and both have a massage or you can take a course together in couples massage.

It’ll be a lovely experience for both of you and can relieve any tension or knots that you both have.

Always speak to a professional before having a massage when pregnant as you can’t have certain ones as they may cause harm to the baby or cause blood clots which you are more prone to when pregnant.

11. Go Media Free

This may be tricky for some people but is a brilliant idea for couples/ families to enjoy family time without being interrupted or being distracted.

There’s nothing worse than someone not paying attention to what you’re saying because they’re too busy tapping away on their phones!

Find a box or a drawer and pop all your electronics into it and avoid looking or touching for the evening.

You’ll feel so much better and can really concentrate on what you’re doing.

It’s surprising how refreshing it is not to have your phone attached to you!

12. Recreate Your First Date

pregnant couple recreating first date

I love the idea of recreating your first date as let’s face it that’s where this magical fairy tale all began right?

On our first date, we took a trip to the cinema and then walked back home along the beach, and even though it was something so simple it was so much fun and exciting.

Imagine reliving that and then looking at where you are now in your lives.

13. Visit The Beach

Now as I’ve mentioned a few times about living near the beach this can be easier to do for some people.

However, if you don’t live by the beach, why not take a drive to the nearest one and go breathe in that sea air.

It’s amazing what it does to you!

Taking your shoes off and walking on the sand can be a simple but relaxing experience and running your fingers through the sand never gets old!

Make it a romantic affair by sitting and watching the sunset!

If you have the time and resources, have a look online and find a beach that is likely to be more secluded and less ‘touristy’ to make it a truly magical experience.

14. Have A Picnic

If you’re anything like me when pregnant and you haven’t gone off your food then going for a picnic is a lovely idea and can be a cheap few hours out the house.

You don’t have to overdo it if it’s just the two of you, just having lunch outside can be enjoyable.

I’m a great believer in spending as much time in nature as possible and believe it boosts your mood x 100!

15. Drive In Movie

A drive-in movie is something I’ve never experienced before but have noticed that drive-ins are becoming more popular near me.

I would love to visit one and think it’s a lovely activity to do especially when pregnant as you don’t have to move from the car!

Perfect! Plus you can sit and stuff your face, chat if you want to and have a cuddle all in the comfort of your car.

16. Reminisce

Pregnant couple reminiscing

This year, my partner and I will have been together for 15 years!

There is nothing better than reminiscing about old times and having a laugh.

Dig out the old photo albums and talk about past adventures you have had.

It can be so much fun looking at old pictures, laughing about past experiences, and looking back at bad fashion and hair choices!

17. Cooking Class

This is another thing I haven’t done yet but have always wanted to try, and how fun will it be doing it with your partner?

You can look around and see what classes are on in your local area and learn to cook some new fabulous dishes!

Even better having your partner there as they can recreate the meals when you’re too tired with the baby (or vice versa!)

If you’re not into taking a class, simply staying in and cooking a meal together can be just as fun, experiment and enjoy the process.

Try something you wouldn’t normally cook…even if a ‘pregnancy diet’ is limited.

18. Sports Game

This may not seem like your cup of tea, as I know I’m not a big sports fan.

However, I have been to a few football matches with my son and partner and they’ve been so much fun!

It’s a lot better being there and experiencing the atmosphere and getting involved in the game.

This could be a really fun bonding experience for you and your partner and they may love sharing their passion with you.

19. Bowling

Who doesn’t love a good day out bowling??

This is an easy and cheap fun activity for pregnant couples and you can take a few hours to let your hair down and show off your bowling skills!

I always get super competitive when bowling, although I have no idea why as I’m absolutely rubbish at it…. that’s all part of the fun though right?

Just remember not to over do it or lift anything too heavy!

20. Swimming

fun activities swimming couple

Swimming has many benefits when you’re pregnant such as, relieving extra weight (when you get bigger), reducing morning sickness symptoms, and can ease any pains you may be experiencing.

It may seem like a weird choice to do this activity with your spouse but why not turn it into an enjoyable exercise routine and go a few times a week?

21. Enjoy An Early Night

We all love an early night, but do we ever end up having one?

By the time our son goes to bed and we’re done watching some trashy TV, it can always turn out to be a late night in our house.

If you’re a childless couple this may be an easier task for you!

However, with or without children, having an early night can be just what you need before the baby comes.

There’s nothing better than snuggling up in bed, watching a film, and stuffing your face with some chocolate!

Enjoy it and do it as often as you can as you’ll be losing sleep soon enough.

22. Movie And Duvet Day

If you’re not one for an early night, spending the day on the sofa with a big fluffy blanket can be an alternative and just as satisfying….especially if the weather is cold or rainy!

Having a lazy pajama day and rewatching an old favorite movie is one of the best things to do when pregnant.

Forget about the housework, or your appearance for the day and relax and have a cuddle.

23. Go Out For Dessert

I have such a sweet tooth, I can go out for dessert any time day or night and I’m sure I’m not the only one this appeals to!

Dessert places are becoming more and more popular and can be a great little date idea for a couple.

We all know we need to be as healthy as possible when pregnant and this can be hard, especially with morning sickness and tiredness but go overindulge in some chocolate and ice cream for an hour and don’t feel guilty about it!

Sometimes that’s all we need to put a smile on our hormonal pregnant faces (haha)

Fun Activities For Couples – Conclusion

Image of fun activities that pregnant couples can do

However your pregnancy journey goes, always remember to enjoy it as much as you possibly can and try and fit in as many fun activities for pregnant couples as you can.

Bringing a baby into the world is a magical experience and changes your life for the better!

But it also changes life as you know it quite drastically so spend as much quality time together as you can, enjoy each other’s company and make your relationship that much stronger by taking time to have a laugh.

I hope something in this post has interested you and will give you some inspiration for your next date night.

Good luck with your pregnancy and the future.

🌈 Thanks for reading. If you enjoyed this article check out some my other ones I’m sure you’ll like as well.

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